Friday’s Seven: 7 New Year’s Travel Resolutions You Can Do This Year

Yes it is that beautiful time of the year again. New beginnings, new possibilities and plans for new things to do. And fellow travellers there are a loads of new things that can be done when it gets to travelling. Here are a few you can easily include in your New Year’s resolutions:

#1 Travel Solo: If you haven’t done it already, this is a truly different experience that you ought to try. The obvious perks of course include getting to do things on your own pace and having all the flexibility to make changes in your trip plan if you want to. But above all travelling on your own teaches you how to become comfortable and actually enjoy spending time with your own self. Something we all need.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Foster.

Photo by Daniel Foster.

#2 Travel to a new continent: Travelling to a new country has probably appeared in many new year’s resolution lists before, but how about some tweaking and looking for a completely new continent? There are seven out there to be explored!

#3 Do not stay in a typical hotel: Long gone are the days when the only available accommodation in a foreign country is your typical old school hotel. An eco-lodge, a cave hotel, a local’s apartment (available through sites such as airbnb) are trending accommodation options that you should try out.

A cave hotel. Photo by James Yeo.

A cave hotel. Photo by James Yeo.

#4 Plan for a new activity on your trip: Along with sightseeing, shopping, going to the beach, night-life and other known activities when travelling to a new country;  plan for an activity you have never done before.  Go bungee jumping, climb a mountain or even attend a cooking class and cook an unusual authentic dish.

#5 Go for a themed vacation:  Take the “new activity” idea even further and go for a themed vacation dedicated to a certain activity. Health related vacations such as yoga and detox retreats, or sports related ones such as skiing and surfing vacations are just a few ideas.

A ski lodge. Photo by SkiStar.

A ski lodge. Photo by SkiStar.

#6 Loose the gadgets: Take a break from the tech world and spend  a gadget free vacation. It’s not impossible. Need contacts? Jot down your important/emergency numbers in a notebook. Need directions? Keep a paper map in hand. Need some entertainment ? Get a book. Need to take pictures?  A standalone camera can be the exception.  Do-able right?


#7 Your own idea: Come up with your own travel resolution and share it right here !


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