Friday’s Seven: 7 Ways to Spend Easter in Egypt

Looking for some ideas for the upcoming Easter break? Blessed with a beautiful sunny weather at that time of the year, there is an abundance of options in Egypt. Here are 7 different trip ideas meeting a range of budgets. … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 Awesome Airports from Around the World

#1 Singapore Changi Airport: Changi is not an airport,it’s an experience. And that is what makes it the world’s number one airport. Indoor you can enjoy a movie in one its movies theatres, get a massage in a signature spa, or simply … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 Different Ways to Drink Coffee from Around the World

Inspired by my great Friday morning cup of coffee and my general addiction to that magic substance (high five to all of those who can relate!), I thought I’d dig up some interesting types of coffee from different spots around … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

#1 What’s on my bucket list? If you have a list of dream destinations you want to visit then it’s a good start. Look at the places you’ve jotted down somewhere or pictures of places you’ve saved for inspiration. Now … Continue reading