Friday’s Seven: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

#1 What’s on my bucket list? If you have a list of dream destinations you want to visit then it’s a good start. Look at the places you’ve jotted down somewhere or pictures of places you’ve saved for inspiration. Now … Continue reading

Greece for First Timers

Randomly pick out 10 travel bucket lists from people around you and chances are you will find Greece in almost all of them. A country with a mix of Mediterranean and European vibes,  world famous for its historic sites on … Continue reading

A Guide to Egypt’s Exotic Destinations

“Egypt’s Hidden Gems”,  “Egypt Undiscovered” , “Places You Won’t Believe Are in Egypt”. These are just a few examples of some articles and posts I have been happily noticing and following recently. Moving away from the Big Four (Luxor-Aswan- Hurghada … Continue reading

10 Travel Inspiring Movies That Will Make You Want to Jump onto the Next Plane

Scene from the Tourist Movie

” I want to go there !” For those of you who have caught themselves saying that while watching a movie, you are not alone. We have all been there. Among the many inspirations we get from the cinema, finding … Continue reading