Friday’s Seven: 7 Healthy Habits to Keep When Traveling

#1 Eat a good breakfast:  Start your day with a fulfilling balanced meal. It will wake you up and give you a good energy boost needed for a day full of activities. Opt for a bed and breakfast option when booking a hotel or look for a close bistro/cafe that serves breakfast.

Photo by Jpellgen.

Photo by Jpellgen.

#2 Go for light snacks : Ok so when you’ve got all sorts of treats to try out (chocolate filled crepes, flavoured fried chips, sugared fritters are some examples you may come across) it’s pretty hard to avoid all of that. But you can always mix and match and go for lighter snacks “as much as you can”. Try out fresh fruit, mixed nuts, fruit juice, or fresh yoghurt.

#3 Stay hydrated: You may forget about drinking water if you have a busy day filled with sightseeing and activities to do. To avoid that,  keep a bottle of water with you all the time.

Photo by Loren Kerns.

Photo by Loren Kerns.

#4 Include physical activity: Go for excursions that include some physical activity like hiking, replace vehicle transportation with walking when possible or go for a quick workout if you have a gym facility where you are staying.

#5 Maintain your daily beauty routine: Well ladies whether its a daily scrub or a daily facial routine etc. there is no reason to skip it if you are on a trip. Pack the beauty products you need in travel size containers and you are all set.

#6 Wear comfortable shoes: If you are going to be moving around and walking a lot in your trip, wearing comfortable shoes is a must. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause serious damage to your feet and you may end up spending the whole trip with soar feet. Now who wants that?

#7 Watch out for hygiene: A bit of extra precaution is needed especially when travelling to a new country. Avoid street food that looks suspicious, don’t drink tap water unless you are sure it’s safe to do so , and keep a sanitizer at hand when visiting public toilets.  These are a just a few habits to keep to stay out of trouble.




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