Friday’s Seven: 7 Ways to Spend Easter in Egypt

Looking for some ideas for the upcoming Easter break? Blessed with a beautiful sunny weather at that time of the year, there is an abundance of options in Egypt. Here are 7 different trip ideas meeting a range of budgets. … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 New Year’s Travel Resolutions You Can Do This Year

Yes it is that beautiful time of the year again. New beginnings, new possibilities and plans for new things to do. And fellow travellers there are a loads of new things that can be done when it gets to travelling. … Continue reading

Greece for First Timers

Randomly pick out 10 travel bucket lists from people around you and chances are you will find Greece in almost all of them. A country with a mix of Mediterranean and European vibes,  world famous for its historic sites on … Continue reading

A Guide to Egypt’s Exotic Destinations

“Egypt’s Hidden Gems”,  “Egypt Undiscovered” , “Places You Won’t Believe Are in Egypt”. These are just a few examples of some articles and posts I have been happily noticing and following recently. Moving away from the Big Four (Luxor-Aswan- Hurghada … Continue reading

10 Travel Inspiring Movies That Will Make You Want to Jump onto the Next Plane

Scene from the Tourist Movie

” I want to go there !” For those of you who have caught themselves saying that while watching a movie, you are not alone. We have all been there. Among the many inspirations we get from the cinema, finding … Continue reading

5 Trip Ideas For This Year’s Spring Break

So spring is finally here! A great season to do some traveling and a great season to start this travel blog! With its mild weather and smaller crowds (compared to the summer) it’s a great chance to spend some time … Continue reading