5 Trip Ideas For This Year’s Spring Break

So spring is finally here! A great season to do some traveling and a great season to start this travel blog! With its mild weather and smaller crowds (compared to the summer) it’s a great chance to spend some time away from our everyday routine. Here are 5 trip ideas from places I have personally enjoyed that can be perfect for a spring break:

Gouna - Egypt

El Gouna – Egypt

1) El Gouna (Red Sea-Egypt): The beloved Gouna is a personal favorite. This seaside place stretching across the Red Sea coast truly lives up to the word getaway. Special Recommendations: Rent a private yacht for one day and enjoy a trip out to sea. Have a cosy dinner in the Zia Amelia , a hidden Italian restaurant in Downtown area offering great Italian cuisine. Take a day trip to Al Mahmya, a beautiful unspoiled and tranquil beach (not located in Gouna but is easily accessible via pre-arrangement )

2) Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam-Egypt): A famous diving destination, Marsa Alam is often overlooked by travelers looking for a relaxing seaside vacation. I had the same impression but this soon changed when I paid a visit to this breathtaking place. Special Recommendations: Stay at the Intercontinental (The Palace) Port Ghalib, a magical self-contained resort. Enjoy the blue sea and sandy beach during the day and in the evening dine in its beautifully lit restaurant while listening to a live violin performance in the background.

3) Paris (France): If you want to see a different side of Paris other than the tourist packed version that you know, taking your spring break there will do just that. While the must visits like the Tour Eiffel , the Louvre & Notre Dame should be on the list especially for first time visitors, use this opportunity to do some exploring of the less unknown places of the city. Special Recommendations: Take a walking tour in the Montmartre area. Do some exploring in the surrounding area of the Louvre and the Tuileries garden. Visit the Latin Quarter famous for its small cafes and small shops tucked in its narrow passageways. For a different shopping experience do your shopping from small boutiques rather than the big chains found on the main streets.

Granada- Spain

Granada – Spain

4) Andalusia (South Spain): With its naturally warmer weather compared to the rest of Spain, Andalusia would serve as a great spring break spot. I was lucky enough to visit two cities there: Granada & Seville. Special Recommendations: Stay over in Seville and do a day trip to Granada to visit the famous Alhambra (3 hours by bus or car). Seville is a colorful flamboyant city that is perfect for walking tours with a historical flavor. A visit to the Plaza de Santa Cruz with its surrounding famous monuments like the Giralda & Alcazar is the cherry on top!

5) Cameroon Highlands (Malaysia): For nature lovers who love trekking, a trip to the Cameroon Highlands would satisfy the appetite. Sitting on top of high hills, this place is packed with a variety of farms, jungle routes and waterfall spots; it is one of the greenest places I have ever seen. Special Recommendations: Book a guided jungle tour to make sure you get the most of the important spots. Cameroon Highlands is famous for its tea plantations which you should surely visit, but also do not miss the strawberry farms where you will find this fruit being used in the most creative ways.

If interested in any of the above destinations and want a full-fledged customized trip plan please go to Sal’s Trip Planner and fill in the needed information and I will personally get back to you.

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