10 Travel Inspiring Movies That Will Make You Want to Jump onto the Next Plane

” I want to go there !” For those of you who have caught themselves saying that while watching a movie, you are not alone. We have all been there. Among the many inspirations we get from the cinema, finding a dream destination is a key one. After all, who can resist a humungous screen colorfully displaying a place coupled with a romantic plot and a boxful of popcorn?

Here are 10 movies that have inspired many travelers and are sure to inspire many more (a mixture of all time hits and personal favorites):

Blended Movie Poster

Blended: The latest Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler film (and which gave me the idea for this article) is cleverly shot in South Africa. It is full of flamboyant scenery and many ideas for activities to do; a good one to see if you are considering Africa in your upcoming travel plans.

Scene from the Tourist Movie

Gondolas & all in “The Tourist”

The Tourist: This movie is a reminder for all of us who have still not made that lifetime trip to Venice. The thrilling nature of the film somehow adds more magic to the already magical city, as the chase scenes take the audience around in an impromptu tour. That in addition to the magical Jolie/Depp couple starring in it.

A Good Year: If awards were given to choice of place , this one would make it to the top of the list. Mainly shot in Provence in South of France, this is the movie to watch (and try to imitate) if you want to break away from all the metropolitan – 9 to 5 – I’m stressed out every day hustle. With some twists and turns, this is the basic story line. British Russell Crowe leaves his urban/corporate life behind, falls in love with lovely French Marion Cottillard, falls in love with lovely French countryside, and lives happily ever after (or so we hope).

A Good Year

Terrace scene from the “Good Year”

7 Years in Tibet

Seven Years In Tibet: Recalling this film from my teenage years, I remember two things had struck me: the enchanting soundtrack and the breathtaking scenery (and Brad Pitt but that’s on a side note). Since watching it, Himalayan Tibet has become a destination on the travel bucket list. Recently though I came to learn that most of the movie was shot in the Andes- Argentina…. So now I want to go to both.



One of the many great quotes of "Before Sunrise"

One of the many great quotes from “Before Sunrise”

Before Sunrise: Hmmmm… yes we all go hums and smiles watching this one. Romantic Vienna is the backdrop to the striking dialogue of this film. Travel brings two complete strangers together discovering each other and themselves over one night. Simply epic.

The Beach Movie

Leo in “The Beach”

The Beach: To the world, Thailand was one thing before The Beach and another thing after. The movie questions whether paradise can really exist on earth and what Leonardo Di Caprio stumbles upon is close enough. Shots of the intense turquoise sea, bright white beach and patchy green cliffs in the background, have definitely contributed to making the Phi Phi Islands one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations across the world.

Amelie: This good deeds movie wouldn’t have been the same if it was filmed somewhere else. Hilly Montmartre looking over the rest of Paris is where it takes place. The simple yet so beautiful small shops, grocery stores, cafes tucked around every corner and intertwining cobblestone streets captures the true Parisian essence while maintaining the “goodness of the village “. And this is exactly what the lead character Amelie (played by sweet Audrey Tautou) portrays throughout the film.Amelie Poster


Colosseum backdrop in “Roman Holiday”

Roman Holiday: Stop by any postcards rack in Rome and you will find numerous scenes of this movie hung around. This movie from the 1950’s is one of the earliest travel inspiring films. Audrey Hepburn, a princess who decides to spend a day without the formalities takes the audience on a feel good journey across Rome passing by what later on became classic Roman must dos: the great Colosseum, the Spanish steps, the Mouth of Truth, a recurring visit to the gelato vendors and an adventurous scooter ride.

MammaMiaPosterMama Mia: “The Island where Mama Mia was filmed” has become a popular Google search item since this film came out. Watching it you get to understand that there is more to Greece than the typical islands of Santorini & Mykonos known to the world. It is mainly shot in the island of Skopelos (Kalokairi which is the name given in the film is a made up one). The combination of beach with hillside wooden white houses and red rooftops is alluringly beautiful, this destination can firmly secure a spot in anyone’s travel bucket list.

Game of Thrones: Okay I know I said movies and this one is not. But how can one possibly ignore the GOT fever that has swept over the world recently? Matching the captivating drama plot of this TV hit, are the captivating locations where it was/is shot. Key locations include Northern Ireland, Dubrovnik in Croatia, UNESCO world heritage sites in Morocco and Iceland. The filming is so inspiring that according to officials in some of these countries the tourism economy has witnessed a boost as GOT fans decided to travel to these places themselves.

Dubrovnik - a major filming location for GOT

Dubrovnik – a major filming location for GOT

Got your travel appetite up and enticed and want to explore one or two of those destinations? Try out Sal’s Trip Planner, just fill in some basic details and we’ll get back to you.


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