Friday’s Seven: 7 Trips You Can Still Book for the Upcoming Eid

Eid Al Adha or “Big Eid” as some like to call it is coming up in around a month. If you haven’t made plans yet here are some cool ideas that you can still go for:

From inside Egypt:

ras sudr

Getting ready to kite surf. Photo by stephenarcher @flickr

#1 Kite surfing in Ras Sudr: Go for a 3 day beginner’s course (or continue with your IKO certification if you have already started) at one the several kite-surfing spots in Ras Sudr. Matarma Bay and Kiteloop are popular stays.

#2 Scuba diving in Dahab: A favorite spot among divers, you can start your PADI certification in Dahab with a 2 day course and add another 2 days for some sunbathing and relaxation.

Some ideas outside Egypt:

#3 Hopping around Beirut: it’s close, it’s fun and you can get the visa in the airport. Enjoy some shopping and food spotting in the streets of Beirut during the day and get a taste of some good nightlife when the evening hits. A good stay for 4-5 days.

Wondrous view of Petra. Photo by Jimmy Álvarez @Flickr

Wondrous view of Petra. Photo by Jimmy Álvarez @Flickr

#4 The 2 wonders of Jordan: another close option with no visa worries. Get to see Petra up close and swim in the Dead Sea in under 4 days.

#5 Taking the family to Dubai: with never ending shopping places, beach resorts and theme parks, a 5-day stay in Dubai is a good option to be enjoyed by all (a quick online visa application option is available if you book your flight with Emirates airlines).

Mesmerizing blue Chefchaouen. Photo by Mark Fischer @Flickr

Mesmerizing blue Chefchaouen. Photo by Mark Fischer @Flickr

#6 Escaping to Chefchaouen, Morocco: Morocco’s blue town in the middle of the Rif Mountains is a true escape from city life which you can access by bus from Casablanca or Tangiers. Discover its many blue historical buildings and traditional markets and plan for a hiking adventure up the mountain. Tip: this destination is most suitable for an extended eid vacation, where you can go there by 3rd day of Eid to skip the  1st and 2nd day where most places are closed down).

#7 Going for a different Turkey: Go beyond the “Istanbul usual” and go for different parts of Turkey such as Cappadocia. This is where you can stay in a cave hotel and go for a hot air balloon trip in one of the top destinations for hot air balloon riding in the world. Tip: to avoid the hassle of finding transportation to Cappadocia from Istanbul, plan to be there 1 or 2 days before 1st day of Eid or go by 2nd day).

A usual sight every morning in Cappadocia. Photo by zekiseferoglu @Flickr

A usual sight every morning in Cappadocia. Photo by zekiseferoglu @Flickr

If you need a customized trip plan, go to Sal’s Trip Planner and fill in the needed info and I will get back to you!


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