Friday’s Seven: 7 Fun Wedding Traditions from Around the World

While marriage is a universal practice, the way it is celebrated is fantastically diverse in different parts of the world. On a spectrum starting with cute on one side and ending with wild on the other, here are 7 fun traditions from weddings around the world:

#1 Let’s go for the cake ribbons. In Peru, little ribbons called cintas de torta are placed within the layers of the cake and before the cake is cut up single female guests pull out the ribbons. The lucky one gets the one ribbon with a ring attached to it and is said to be the next one to get married. Pretty cute, unless the girls get overexcited and mash up the cake !


#2 Its written on the sole. Another tradition for the single girls in the wedding is from Greece. Bridesmaids write up their names on the sole of the bride’s shoes. And by the end of the wedding, those whose names got rubbed off should consider it a good sign. I’d use invisible ink just to make sure :))

Photo by John Hope.

Photo by John Hope.

#3 Smashing it up. In Italy the couple smash up a glass or vase at the end of their wedding. According to tradition the number of broken pieces is the number of happy years they will spend together in marriage. Interesting omen.

#4 Who’s the boss here? The Russian traditional sweet bread Karavay is not just for decorative purposes. Before the guests, the nicely decorated bun is first served to the bride and groom and each are asked to take a bite without using their hands. The one who takes the largest bite is considered the head of the family. A fair game I’d say!

#5 A special treasure hunt. In some parts of Germany the best man or friends of the groom steal away the bride and take her for a drink of champagne in one of the local bars. The groom has to search all over town and when he finds them pays for the bill. Lets just hope the groom has a sense of humor.

#6 A shower of “arrows” for the bride. That’s what literally happens in Yugur China when the groom throws arrows (thankfully without arrow heads) from a bow three time at the bride, and then breaks the bow and arrows as a sign of eternal love. Talk about tough love!

#7 Who’s got the shoes? A traditional Hindu wedding in India cannot be without this tradition. As the groom approaches the wedding altar he takes off his shoes, and the moment he does so the family of the bride try to steal his shoes while his family try to stop them from doing that. If they succeed, the groom only gets his shoes back from the bride’s family if he pays a fee for it. Now that’s what I’d call an action themed wedding!

The groom trying to get his shoes back. Photo by Fred Hsu.

The groom trying to get his shoes back. Photo by Fred Hsu.


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