Friday’s Seven: 7 Travel Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

#1 Waiting till the last minute to prepare your travel documents: You don’t want to discover that your passport is almost expired a few days before your planned trip or scheduled appointment to get your visa. Make sure your travel documents … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 Things to Do to Kill Time on Long Flights

Dreaded by everyone, long flights are truly of one of the most painful experiences in travel . But being inevitable for many (after all everyone is on one side of the world trying to get to the other) there can … Continue reading

Greece for First Timers

Randomly pick out 10 travel bucket lists from people around you and chances are you will find Greece in almost all of them. A country with a mix of Mediterranean and European vibes,  world famous for its historic sites on … Continue reading

Friday’s Seven: 7 Egyptian-Like Food You Will Find Around the World

Trying out local food when travelling abroad is a highlight in any trip. The unusual “never tried before” flavors and food variations are entertaining and surprising. But equally surprising is when you find a famous local dish that is very … Continue reading


How to Turn your Children into World Explorers

Take the children to football practice, that’s how you can discover they have a passion for this sport.

Get them a musical instrument or a sketch pad and water colours, that’s how you can get them started on music or art.

But with travel how would you do that? How would you kick start a passion that can turn them into world explorers with an ongoing desire to go from one place to other?  While an obvious answer may be to take them on trips around the world,  this is not a convenient option available all the time. Still, there are certainly a few things that parents can do that can pave a way for children towards that passion: (based on personal experience and talks with travel aware parents)  Continue reading